Hitler Net Worth (in 1945) Adolf Hitler’s Money Inherited & House

Hitler’s Net Worth (Inflation-Adjusted)

Net Worth$310 Billion
Gold Worth$190 Billion
Art Paintings$2 Billion
Assets$11 Billion
House Properties$2 Billion

Hitler’s Gold & Diamonds

During the course of the Second World War, Hitler’s army has amassed thousands of tons of gold from defeated countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, France, etc. All this gold is then transported through a train to Southern Germany and a portion of it to the ‘Merkers Mine’ in Central Germany. 

From 1939 to 1944, Hitler’s army has accumulated over $80 billion dollars worth of Gold and Diamonds in a SS guarded underground bunker located in Bavarian Alps. The SS has started transporting portions of this gold through the U-boars, destined for Mar del Plata, Argentina. This Gold and Diamonds account for over 50% of Hitler’s Net Worth. The present whereabouts of Nazi gold that disappeared into European banking institutions.

Hitler’s Art Paintings

At the supervision of Hermann Goering, Over 2,000 antique paintings were plundered by the invading German army to fill a bombastic new gallery in Hitler’s hometown of Linz. This theft by the German forces is considered to be the largest art theft in modern history, including paintings, furniture, sculptures, and anything in between considered either valuable. A list of famous pieces of art stolen by Hitler’s army is:

  • Franz Marc’s The Large Blue Horses 
  • Still Life with Guelder Roses (1892) by Pierre Bonnard
  • Albert Gleizes, 1912, Landschaft bei Paris

Hitler’s House

‘The Berghof’ was Adolf Hitler’s vacation home in the Bavarian Alps. The Berghof was remodeled in 1935 into a luxury retreat, with five bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a 30-seater dining area, 10 Fireplaces, and more amenities. Though Hitler did not smoke, smoking was allowed on the terrace. This house was decorated and designed by Hitler himself. 

Who inherited Hitler’s money?

Most of the wealth owned by Hitler has been inherited by the senior German officers and Waffen-SS members. Adolf Eichmann has escaped to Argentina on a U-Boat filled with over $2 Billion worth of gold and diamonds. Walter Rauff, another senior officer, has escaped Germany with over $10 billion dollars worth of Art and Gold.

Hitler’s Wealth lost in the Atlantic

By early 1944, The Germans have started transporting Gold and Art to Argentina through various ships and U-Boats. Most of these vessels have chosen to take the long route through the African coast to hide from the Royal Navy. Based on the records, over 20 such ships and 25 U-Boats filled with Nazi Gold and Art were sunk in the Atlantic.

Hitler’s Net Worth Growth Rate

Net Worth in 1933$2 Million
Net Worth in 1936$50 Million
Net Worth in 1939$160 Million
Net Worth in 1941$30 Billion
Net Worth in 1942$150 Billion
Net Worth in 1945$310 Billion

Hitler’s Wealth in Swiss Banks

The Germans have laundered large sums of stolen money through various financial institutions and banks located in neutral Switzerland. With the help of wealthy businessmen, the wealth has been converted into foreign currency (mostly US Dollars). Over $4 Billion dollars of Hitler’s money has been kept in the Vatican Bank, consisting of Gold and Diamonds. During the second world war, Hitler’s army has expropriated some $430 million in gold from foreign governments, including $270 million from Belgium and $200 million from the Netherlands.


Some historians call Hitler the richest person in the 20th century due to his enormous plunders across Europe and Africa. Even though Hitler’s net worth is as high as $300 billion, he never lived to see most of the wealth. Major portions of Hitler’s wealth were inaccessible to him throughout the course of the war.

Frequently asked question

Where is Hitler’s money?

Most of Hitler’s Wealth was either confiscated by the Allied Army or taken to Argentina by the top Nazi officers.

Who was Adolf Hitler’s son?

Jean-Marie Loret.

How much is Hitler’s gold worth?

$190 Billion.